What is Pegimane?

Pegimane is a new social media platform designed for like-minded people who want a social platform where they can build real, life-long friendships with those they have met along their travels, a place where they can share their memories and even plan future adventures with friends who have become like family. Pegimane is all about building real friends for life. Designed with the traveler in mind, Pegimane allows users to connect through messages, posts and video chat using a unique and interactive user profile.

The Pegimane user profile is customized and designed to make travel and meeting up with your friends a whole lot easier. Not only does the user profile allow you to set up photo albums, share your lifelong memories and chat and connect with others, but you can also make travel reservations, open trips, share travel costs with your friends and even enter competitions for unforgettable vacations.

The user-friendly website and mobile app allow users access to their Pegimane family anytime, anywhere. With Pegimane, you can easily take social to a deeper level, connecting with friends you meet along the way on a real and genuine level, more than the social status posts and likes of other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Genuinely connect with people, share memories and journal your travels and adventures. Where the likes of Facebook limit you to posting a status update or liking someone’s update, Pegimane offers unique ways to connect, such as with Pegimane Mood Boards.

Called Pegs, this is where you can share a wider range of emotions and moods about your life and experiences. Additional features of the Pegimane lifestyle allow users to connect with friends through both live messaging and delayed messaging. Users can share travel advice and get tips from others, including the Travel 100 Feature and Travel Mate.



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